Samsung Galaxy S9 Pros And Cons

In the market of smart phone brands, you will find too many choices for your uses. Apart from the various brands and ranges on top, the features and facilities in its gadgets are the matter of praise. It is in the battle of excellence for long now. But not all the models do meet the requirements and the amount of excellence for the users and here Samsung Galaxy S9 Pros And Cons contract prices can lead by examples. Not only with handsets but also with facilities from networks these deals are preferred by users all around the world.

Pros Of Samsung Galaxy S9

1. Stunning Design With Durable Built Quality

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Samsung is famous for its amazing designs.

The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus seems fantastic, and we anticipate the same with Galaxy S9.

The looks of the phone will describe its smartness in its process.

2. Display

Will be top notch. It will have optical image stabilization and will be capable of recording in UHD. There will be no shutter lag, and you’re able to take high quality low light photos using this Smartphone.

3. Aspect Ratio Screen

The new range display of Samsung Galaxy S9 will include an Aspect Ration of 18:9 that usually means you will have sufficient space for multi-tasking.

4. Battery up to 3500 mAh

Together with excellent functionality, there should be a great battery. Samsung Galaxy S9 would include 3500 mAh battery which will give you enough energy for your everyday tasks.

5. Bezel-Free Smartphone

We expect the Samsung Galaxy S9 for a near Bezel-less Smartphone which means you will get great viewing angle and dimensions on the screen would look great. Bezel-less monitors are becoming more popular among the leading markets in tech. Adding the feature of the bezel-less tech will be an attractive feature in Samsung’s future progresses.

6. Bixby – The Way Of Voice Assistant For The Smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy S9 would hope to come with Bixby. It is a digital helper specially designed for Samsung Smartphones. Bixby is one of the exclusive option developed by the Samsung which enables the easy way to taste the benefits of handling a smartphone.

Cons Of Samsung Galaxy S9

1. No FM Support

Regrettably, Samsung Galaxy S9 users won’t have the ability to use FM on their smartphones without internet access.

2. Fingerprint Reader Moved Directly Beside The Back Camera

The Fingerprint Scanner is going to be very odd from the Samsung Galaxy S9. It’s a nightmare for individuals with smaller hands on.

3. 64/128 GB ROM Version Can Be Obtained

Samsung will launch Galaxy S9 in two versions of ROM. It is not sure about how the user feels about this two classifications. It may depend upon one’s usage and purpose of buying a smartphone.

Final Words

Samsung Galaxy S9 is among the most promising smartphones in 2018, but there are lots of limitations to it. The various peculiar advantages of Samsung Galaxy S9 will be best the future market. And overall it’s a fantastic phone with top notch specs.