Different Types Of Hyena And Their Details

Hyenas do differ with various categories in their species. Some of their details about the types and existence are given below follow them to have a small note about صوت الضبع.

Spotted Hyena


It is one of biggest species in the hyena family. It grows with the length of 6 feet and 3 feet tall. This type of hyena will have the coat which will have a look of yellowish or sandy says a report from Animal Diversity Web (ADW).

The gigantic figure of this type of hyena is through its strength of well-grown shoulders back and front legs. In the comparison between the spotted hyenas and striped hyenas, the spotted ones are the best in their strength. The average weight is 190lbs. Unlike other species, seen women hyenas are heavier than the men with 10 percentage.

Brown Hyenas

Brown hyenas would be the second biggest in the families of the hyena. It will grow in the range of 63 inches in length and 160 lbs in body weight.

Brown hyenas may be differentiated from other species with the long hair, which can be in the color of black or brown. While discussing its shoulders it will have tans. The length of the hair on the neck will grow approx in 12 inches.


Aardwolves is one of the smallest in hyena species. An average weight of these type weights 30 pounds, length with 41 inches. Aardwolves resemble the canine’s appearance. It is one of the endangered types of hyena family which survives in the regions of south and east parts of Africa. Because these areas will have dense trees and bush aardwolves will have a habit of hiding inside the burrows or trees in the day time.